Birds From Europe

Birds From Europe

A few years ago I took a trip to a few countries in Europe. Although this was not a birding trip, while I was there I did try to see as many birds as I could…

We actually spent most of the time learning about the history of the countries and the people that lived there. 

I did get a few photos of some of the birds that I saw. Try to guess what they are…


Here is a European Herring Gull with a chick. They are one of the most common gulls in Europe.

This is another common bird in Europe.


It’s the Common Wood Pigeon. A very large bird known as the “culver” in southeast England.

The head on these next birds is so unique! 


These are Great Crested Grebes. Unfortunately, their crests are so beautiful that they were almost hunted to extinction in the UK for decorations on ladies hats and undergarments in the 19th century! Luckily, they are protected now and have made a comeback.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe.

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