240 Bird Species For The Year

240 Bird Species For The Year

Finally, I managed to get over to the ocean area to go birding! It was great, unfortunately, there were other people there (something we are not used to)…

We were able to keep our distance from most people, but when we went onto the beach to walk to the jetty, it was very crowded. I saw about 200 people that day and only about 5 people had masks on! I sometimes feel like I’m living in a different world than everyone else…

We happened to be in South Carolina, USA, and their virus cases have still been going up. I can see why this is the situation, no one seemed to care…

Well, enough of the bad news… I added 11 more species of birds to my list for the year.

Here are some photos of the birds I saw, try to guess what they are… this one should be pretty easy, it is such a unique bird.


This is the Roseate Spoonbill. These birds were almost gone from the US due to hunters killing them for their feathers! Luckily since that barbaric practice has been stopped here they have been trying to make a comeback.

Their diet consists mostly of small fish which they catch by sweeping their slightly open bill from side to side in the muddy water.

This next one I found on the bank of a small inlet near the ocean.


It’s a Semipalmated Plover. They are fun to watch foraging, because the usually run a few steps, then pause, run again, then peck at the ground. 

Fun fact: semipalmated is used for names of wading birds that have toes that are partially webbed.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe (try not to be part of the virus spread)!

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