Bird Photos

Bird Photos

I did manage to get a few good photos of the birds that I saw over near the ocean the other day… 

I have auto focus on my camera and sometimes it works really well, but other times it just seems to focus on a branch in the foreground or behind the bird!

Luckily, my camera (or I), was able to get some nice shots…

Here are the photos I took, try to guess the bird if you want, hint: they can all be found in South Carolina, USA in the month of June…


This is a Snowy Egret. Notice that they have a black bill, but the easiest way to identify them is when you see their bright yellow feet!

What do you think this next bird is?


Here is the Great Egret. They are actually larger than the Snowy Egret with a yellow bill. Notice their black feet…

This next one is harder, you’ll never guess it by its name. Hint: the young look very very different from the adults…


This is actually a Little Blue Heron! This is a first year juvenile, they are all white and about the size of a Snowy Egret. You can tell the difference by the gray color near the eye instead of yellow, the legs are greenish and no bright yellow feet! During the 2nd year, they will become patchy with blue and white feathers, they should be all blue by the 3rd year.

Stay healthy and stay safe!


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