More Bird Photos…

More Bird Photos…

A couple of days ago I went birding in the wildlife refuge again. This time I didn’t see any new birds species for the year, but I did see a lot of birds.

We only saw one Ranger and one fisherman the whole time we were there, which was great for social distancing!

I tried to get some photos of birds that I hadn’t been able to get in the past. Well, with all of the leaves this proves to be extremely difficult!

I did however get a photo of this bird. Try to guess what bird it is, I’ll give you a hint: He’s in the Warbler family…


It’s the Northern Parula. This one is a male, you can tell by the black and rusty chest bands he has, the female doesn’t have them.

In the photo below you can see the greenish patch on the center of his back. These birds are often heard, but seldom seen, since they usually forage high up in the leafy treetops.


One other bird I found was flying back and forth to its nest with insects for the babies.

It is an Eastern Wood-Pewee. At first I thought it was a Eastern Phoebe, but after doing my “homework,” I discovered that it was actually the Wood-Pewee.

You can easily tell the difference by their song, but this one hadn’t made a sound…so I had to look up in my bird books to see where they each built their nests (this one was high up in the tree) and then when I  looked at this photo I realized that the bill has yellow, where the Phoebe bill is all black.


Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

One thought on “More Bird Photos…

  1. When I make my spring Okefenokee trips, the N Parulas are the main bird I hear constantly throughout the entire swamp. Getting a photo is another story! Great shots. William


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