The word of the day is Monomorphic… what does that mean? In the bird world it means that the male and female look identical.

There are a lot of bird species where the male is very different from the female. This makes it easy to identify the males from the females for birders, but often  you will come across birds that are monomorphic.

I found out that over half of the bird species in the world are actually monomorphic! I never knew that, I thought that it was just a few. Luckily, I don’t have to tell them apart to count the species each year!

Here are a few photos of monomorphic bird species…


The Red-headed Woodpecker. The male and the female are identical, so you really can’t tell them apart…


The Black Vulture. Can you tell if these are males, females or one of each??? Nope!


The Brown Thrasher species is monomorphic too!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!!!


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