Eastern Bluebirds

Eastern Bluebirds

I have been seeing a few more Eastern Bluebirds lately than I normally do, so I decided to sit outside on my back deck and wait to see just what was going on…

At first I saw a couple of juveniles fluttering around from branch to fence and back, waiting for someone to feed them.


In the past the Eastern Bluebird population had been declining due to loss of nesting sites and habitats. Over the past few decades their population is increasing with the help of people adding birdhouses just for the Bluebirds to nest in.

While I was sitting outside looking around, I then saw a female Eastern Bluebird fly by me over to the Purple Martin house that was left in my yard from the previous owners. 

They can have 2 or 3 broods a year, this is at least their 2nd, but possibly their 3rd. Both parents feed the young and sometimes juveniles from a previous brood will help too. (Though I didn’t see these juveniles helping at all)…


I’m not sure if she is building a nest or feeding nestlings, I’ll have to keep watching .

Here is a male I spotted while birding in the refuge today. See how much brighter his colors are compared to the female…


Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Eastern Bluebirds

  1. For the last five years my backyard bluebirds have had three clutches per season, although I don’t always see successful fledglings from all three. Fun to watch! William


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