Hello Purple Martins

Hello Purple Martins

Yesterday I was able to get out to the wildlife refuge near me. It was very hot, but we went early enough so that it wasn’t that bad.

I didn’t see any new birds for the year, but I didn’t expect to anyway… I did see a family of Purple Martins sitting on a wire.

Usually I see Purple Martins flying low over the lakes, foraging for their food. They will catch insects and eat them in mid air.

This is a photo of a female Purple Martin, notice the white on the belly and grayish coloring on the back.


Next is a photo of a male Purple Martin, see the difference, he has a glossy blackish back and belly.


They can be found in Canada and throughout all of Eastern US and west to Central US. They will winter in the Tropics.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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