This Weeks Birds…

This Weeks Birds…

I have a few more photos to show you of the birds that I saw when I was at the wildlife refuge…

We can play the guessing game on these if you would like. Try to see if you know which birds these are, make sure to make a guess before you scroll down past the photo…

Hint these birds are all found on the East Coast of the US.


The Chipping Sparrow. You can identify it by its chestnut cap, black line through the eye and its white eyebrow.

Okay, here’s another one for you to try and guess…


This is the Eastern Wood-Pewee. A plain bird, just grayish with a couple of faint wing-bars. If you are lucky enough to hear it sing, then you will have no problem identifying it, its song is pee-weee.

So, how are you doing so far? Have you guessed any correctly? Try this one…


This one is the Common Grackle. There are two different forms, one found throughout most of the US (except the West), is the “Bronzed Grackle” it is a bronzy color with a blue-black head, the other is the “Purple Grackle” found in the southeast, it is a purple and green glossy color.

This one is the “Bronzed Grackle” if you look closely you can see his brownish coloring.

I saved the easiest one for last, try to guess this one…


Of course its the Red-headed Woodpecker! There were actually a lot of them flying around. I didn’t see any juveniles, but I’m sure they were around. The juveniles look like the adults but with brown heads.

I hope you had fun guessing.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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