Crazy Bird Story…

Crazy Bird Story…

So the other day I had a crazy experience with a bird that I just have to tell you all about!

It was late afternoon/early evening, the sky was a bit dark and cloudy. My husband was outside on the back deck and I was sitting inside…

All of the sudden, I hear my husband banging on the window for me to come out (he was on the phone)…

I went running (because usually this would mean there is something interesting for me to see), I opened up the door and he whispered listen.

I then hear a Barred Owl song, fairly close by. I run to the other side of the house to get my good binoculars and camera!

So, now I’m out on the back deck looking and listening… I decided to play the Barred Owl song on my phone to see if it might answer back.

I’m playing the song from the phone in my hand, looking far away into the woods with my binoculars and I have my camera hanging around my neck. I decide to pull the binoculars away from my eyes for a second…

My eyes focus on something on a branch in front of me, I scream! While I was looking too far away the Owl stealthy flew right in front of me! So close!

At first I thought, OMG, its going to attack me because I’m playing its song! My next thought was to try to get a photo. That is when my camera decided that the battery needed to be charged!!! 

I did get a couple of photos (blurry), before it flew right over our heads to the front woods…


I don’t know if its male or female since they look the same. I usually only hear them and never see them. I’m not as lucky as my brother and brother-in-law who both have them living in their yards and see them regularly!

Below is a photo of its talons. It uses these to catch small mammals, mostly mice. Very strong, I am so glad that it didn’t decide to use them on me!


I am very happy to have seen the Owl, hopefully I will see it again. Though the next time I will be more prepared!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

One thought on “Crazy Bird Story…

  1. That is awesome! Can’t say I have heard a Barred Owl near my house in NJ. I did see one fly over a trail I was hiking in Florida. A truly awesome bird!


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