Eastern Bluebird Family

Eastern Bluebird Family

The past few weeks I’ve seen a pair of Eastern Bluebirds with juveniles from an earlier brood flying around my yard. A few weeks ago I noticed the parents feeding the fledglings, but not so much anymore.

Last week I got a photo of the female sitting in her nest waiting for the male to come by with some food. He would feed her while she sat on the eggs.


The Eastern Bluebirds will have 2 – 3 broods. I’m pretty sure that this was their 3rd.

This week I have seen the male and female flying back and forth bringing food to the new hatchlings.

Here is a photo, I think that there is a least 3 of them in the nest.




Sometimes the young from the previous brood will help feed the new hatchlings, but I haven’t seen this yet, only mom and dad…

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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