Bluebird eats Like a Queen!

Bluebird eats Like a Queen!

The other day I went to a nearby state park. There is a nice lake where I saw the Double-crested Cormorant and the Black-belted Kingfisher. 

There were plenty of trails in the woods to walk through. I saw a Hermit Thrush and Blue Jays (which I tried to get a photo of, but they were hidden too well amongst the leaves!)

As I walked along one of the trails I did see a bird hopping along the ground, I thought that maybe it was a baby bird trying to fly. But then after a few moments, up flew this female Eastern Bluebird with this giant bug!!!

She was having trouble flying with the bug and was only able to fly up to the closest low branch. She then proceeded to start eating this bug… this should keep her fed for most of the day!


Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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