The Barred Owl is Back!

The Barred Owl is Back!

Last night around 7pm, I was outside on my back deck watching the Eastern Bluebird family. I was wondering if I’d hear the Barred Owl hooting before I went in to make dinner…

I really wanted to get another look at the Owl since I wasn’t able to get any good photos of it the last time it came into my yard…

After watching the Bluebirds for about a half an hour, I started to hear them chirping loudly in the woods on the side of the backyard. Both the mother and father had stopped coming to the feeder to feed the young and I no longer saw them, but I definitely heard them!

At first I thought that they were upset with me for being outside and not too far away from their nest, but after awhile I thought better of that since I had been out for awhile…

I decided (probably 15 minutes too late) that I should check out just what it was that was upsetting the Bluebirds…

Using my binoculars, I starting scanning the woods to see if I could see anything. Almost immediately I spotted the Barred Owl just sitting on a low branch in the woods. The Bluebirds were flying close to the Owl, chirping away, but the Owl just continued to lazily sit on the branch.

Below are a few photos I took as it sat on the branch, even as I ran around the outside of the house to get closer, he never flew away 🙂

In this one, it looks like the Owl is sleeping, but actually it was only blinking…

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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