Bluebird Update…

Bluebird Update…

It’s been a couple of days since I was watching the Eastern Bluebirds feeding their young in the nest. 

Now as I look over at the nest, it is quiet. The hatchlings have become fledglings. I haven’t seen any of them around, I can hear them though. They have probably gone deeper into the woods in the cover of leaves to teach their young.

I think this is their 3rd brood. I did see them feeding fledglings a couple of months ago, so I’m sure I will see them again with this new brood…

Here are the photos I took when the male and the female were harassing a nearby Barred Owl.


This is the male, see all of the blue on his head and back. The female has a lot less blue and is gray on her head.


Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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