July – 0, August – 1, So Far…

July – 0, August – 1, So Far…

As you know I count bird species each year, because you never know if I’ll end up going to different areas and this could be my big year. Well, for the month of July, I managed to see none, zero, zip, new bird species! 

I didn’t really expect to see any, since this is the crap year from he**! When the summer hits, I know that I have to get to areas like the ocean to get those birds that I hadn’t been seeing in my own yard and neighborhood. Well, this year I only got over to the ocean once in June, so July got the big zero…

Now here we are in August and I’m not sure if I will get over to the ocean (since there were sooooo many people there not wearing masks and not social distancing). I did manage to get over to the wildlife refuge though (where we drove by only one other couple walking, then they finished and drove away and no one else was there the rest of the day).

We found a new area that we hadn’t been able to drive through in the past, but this time the gate was open, so in we drove… toward the end of the road, past forest and swamp habitats, we came to a field.

When I got out of the car, I thought that this looked like a field that the Grasshopper Sparrow would live in, then all of the sudden my husband (the great bird spotter) informs me that he has spotted a sparrow behind me…

I turn around and get a good look at it with my binoculars and to my surprise it was the Grasshopper Sparrow!


The Grasshopper Sparrow has a high pitched song that sounds a lot like the buzz of a grasshopper. They forage on the ground eating mostly insects and seeds and usually alone.


This one never made a sound! Lucky for me, it decided to fly up off the ground when we arrived or I never would have gotten my 1 for August!!!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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