A Few Backyard Birds…

A Few Backyard Birds…

Since I’ve been hanging around my house a lot lately like everyone else, I am trying to make the best of it by birding in my backyard…

I don’t really expect to see any new species for the year, but I’m trying to really see what is around.

Here are some photos of the birds that I’ve seen this week, try to guess what they are…


It’s the American Robin. This one was flying around with a few others, then they landed on the ground to forage. When they are not nesting, they will forage for earthworms and insects in flocks.

This one is a bit harder, it is not showing colors, so it can be difficult to identify. I’ll give you a hint, its the only hummingbird that breeds east of the Mississippi River.


Here’s the Ruby-throated Hummingbird. I’ve noticed that since all the young have left their nests there are a lot of them at the feeders. They will migrate in the fall, wintering from Mexico down to Costa Rica. I went for weeks without seeing one at my feeder, now I have 2 of them eating almost all day long. I think they are getting fattened up for the long flight.

Here is the last one, what bird do you think it is?


I tried to trick you! Unless you knew where I found this bird it can actually be the Black-capped Chickadee or the Carolina Chickadee! They are almost identical and the only way to be sure which one it is, is by the location. I saw this bird in the Southern US, so it is the Carolina Chickadee.

How did you do? Did you guess any correctly?

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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