Guess Who’s Back…

Guess Who’s Back…

A couple of nights ago we heard the Barred Owl calling on the side of our house, then we heard another one answer the call on the other side of our house!

So here I am, camera around my neck, binoculars in my hand listening to them call back and forth. 

My husband played their call on his phone and then all of the sudden one comes flying right over his head! It landed on a branch in the backyard.

That was when I was able to get some photos…


After I got a few photos the owl got tired of watching me and began calling the other owl again. Now both owls were close by on the same side of the house. I was never able to see the other owl.

They called back and forth for a while, but then they started with a different call, kinda like noisy  squawking, hooting and crow like noises thrown in. I had never heard anything like that before! If you get a chance you can listen to the sounds I heard by going to a bird app or finding it online, it’s the Barred Owl “pair hootin-it-up” calls…

The Barred Owl doesn’t migrate, they usually will stay in the same area all year long, so hopefully I will be hearing and seeing them for a long time. 🙂


Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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