Backyard Birds

Backyard Birds

Well I’m still doing most of my birding in my own backyard. I am very lucky that I have a lot of trees and a lake in my backyard, so I am able to see a few birds everyday.

The other day I watched as a Great Blue Heron had caught a fish and was trying to eat it…


It was a pretty big fish, but he managed to swallow it without too much difficulty.

Later that day I was watching a Great Egret standing on a branch in the lake hunting for fish.


He wasn’t having much success though. After a few minutes a Great Blue Heron decided that the branch looked like a good place and chased the Great Egret away.


The Great Blue Herons have been here most of the year, but the Great Egrets just showed up a couple of months ago (I think, time is passing differently in this crap year from h*ll)… 

They are both big birds, but I’ve noticed that the Great Blue Heron is definitely a more aggressive bird and doesn’t like the Great Egret hunting too close by. They will always chase the egrets away whenever they land too close!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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