I Ended August With 3 Birds…

I Ended August With 3 Birds…

Yesterday I managed to drive over to a state park located on the ocean… it is still hot, but there weren’t too many people around, so I could social distance.

There were a few birds that people have seen there recently that I hadn’t seen yet this year, so I was looking for them, but mostly I just enjoyed getting out and seeing birds.

Here are the photos of the birds that I did see yesterday for the first time this year. Try to guess what they are, I will tell you that they are found on the southeast coast of the US…


This is the Seaside Sparrow. They can be found in the salt marshes along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Their diet consists of mostly insects, other invertebrates and seeds.

I was happy to find this sparrow since I haven’t seen it too many times in my life. Though by the end of the day I think I must have seen over a dozen of them. 🙂

Here is the other bird that I saw…


It is the Caspian Tern. The one in the center with the thick red bill. In the photo there are also Royal Terns (with the orange bills) and a Common Tern (the smaller tern with the black crown and reddish thin bill) and a Laughing Gull (the dark gray bird with the black head with its back to the camera)…

It was nice to get out, but so hot and unfortunately the water wasn’t refreshing, so by the time we walked for 2 hours on the beach to get the terns we were too hot to bother getting our chairs to sit on the beach! Sitting in the air conditioned car was sooooo much better…

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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