More Birds…

More Birds…

So far this year I’ve seen 243 species of birds. I saw a few birds recently and wanted to share them with you. 

I was over at a state park by the ocean on the southeast coast of the US. I tried to get a few photos of the birds that were there. 

Here are a few of them…


This is the Anhinga sunning its wings. This one is a female since she has the buff head and neck, while the male is mostly black.

Here’s another bird I saw…


This is a young Green Heron. The young are browner and duller with a striped neck and the adults are have a deeper chestnut coloring on their necks.

Try to guess this next one. I have a lot of trouble with shorebirds, so all I can say is “good luck”!


I’m pretty sure it’s a Sanderling. They have a straight black bill and black legs. These two were resting up on shore near a group of terns. Usually I see them running along the waters edge, chasing the waves looking for sand crabs that are easiest to spot just after the wave goes out.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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