Other Birds I Saw At The State Park…

Other Birds I Saw At The State Park…

I tried to get a few photos of the different birds that I saw while I was at the State Park along the ocean.

Try to guess what birds these are, they are all found along the southeast coast of the US.


It’s the Common Gallinule.  Very common in the marshes of both North and South America. 

What do you think this next bird is?


It’s the Little Blue Heron. This one is an adult, with its dark blue-gray coloring and reddish neck. The juveniles are all white to start then they go through a calico phase where they will be patchy white and blue and finally become the colors of the adult.

Last one, what is it???


This is the Tricolored Heron. They have been seen as far north as Maine, they live along the East Coast of the US, into the Gulf Coast and into Mexico. The will migrate south from the Northern locations, but will remain all year long in Florida and the Gulf.

Remember to. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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