Recent Birds I’ve Seen…

Recent Birds I’ve Seen…

Yesterday I went kayaking. It finally wasn’t too hot, so I went out to enjoy the lake!

There was some green algae on the lake still (it had covered most of the lake for the past few months), but a lot of the lake is clear now…

Here are some of the birds that I saw.

There had to be about a dozen Great Egrets. They were spaced out along the shore looking for food.

Here is the Great Blue Heron, there were over a dozen of these around the lake. I would see them up ahead of me while I was kayaking, then when I got a bit closer they would slowly fly off away from me only to have to move again as I continued down the lake…

Of course there were a few Canada Geese, but not as many as I had seen around recently. I’ve seen them flying in formation a lot lately, like they are getting ready to migrate, but I don’t think that these geese actually leave at all for the winter…

There were a couple of Pileated Woodpeckers foraging on the trees along the edge of the lake. They flew over my head when I stopped for lunch, it was nice to see them.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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