Birds in the Swamp…

Birds in the Swamp…

I went back to the wildlife refuge again this past week… it was a dark cloudy misty day and we saw absolutely no one!

Since we’ve been in the house basically since March (other than our birding expeditions), we’ve now started looking to find other parks to go to. We haven’t tried any new ones yet, but soon we will go to a new one and hopefully there will be different birds there that I can photograph and show you. 🙂

Here is one of the birds I saw in the swamp.

This is an juvenile White Ibis. They start out brown and will become patchy as it matures and finally becomes white.

At one point we were looking out over the large swamp and in the thick woods behind us we heard a low howl! At first I thought it must be some kid pretending to be “Bigfoot.” Then came several other crazy loud howling/screaming sounds. (I slowly moved closer to the car)…

After listening to my bird app (I was assuming it was a bird), we decided that it was probably the Barred Owl. Let me know if you’ve ever heard them calling with those howls and screens. I’ve heard a pair of them making calls sort of like it at my house, but this was only one and it sounded a bit different…

This bird we found in another smaller swamp further into the refuge.

It’s an immature Little Blue Heron. At first glance you may think it’s a Snowy Egret or a Great Egret, but when you look closely at this bird you’ll see the identifiers. The legs are greenish, not yellow with yellow feet or black. The bill is bluish with a black tip.

The 1st year they are white, then in the 2nd year they will go into the “calico” phase, where they are a patchy white and blue. Finally when they are adults they will be a solid dark blue-gray.

It’s funny how the Little Blue Heron starts out white then turns dark and the White Ibis starts out dark then turns white…

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe.

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