Photos from the Woods

Photos from the Woods

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve visited a few different parks or wildlife refuges.

Of course I was looking for birds, but there are still lots of leaves on the trees, which makes it difficult to get good photos of them…

I did want to show you some of the creatures that I did manage to see while out in the fresh air.

This is a marbled orb-weaver or pumpkin spider. They can be found in 19 states in the US and are most often seen in the fall.

This is a green frog, not to be mistaken to the green tree frog, this one was found swimming in the swamp!

I tried, I really tried, but I couldn’t figure out just which caterpillar this is! I don’t know if it will become a moth or a butterfly!!! After looking a hundreds of caterpillars on line, my best guess is the Great Ash Sphinx. It’s a moth that is found throughout most of the US… let me know if you have a better guess.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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