Just a few Birds…

Just a few Birds…

It has been getting cooler and that has made it very nice to take more walks in the woods.

I haven’t seen any new bird species lately, even though there are reported sightings of many warblers in the area!

Here are some of the birds that I have seen lately. Try to guess what they are…

This is the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. They will breed up in Canada and winter in southeastern US, but they also go south to Central American and the West Indies.

Guess this bird.

This one might be a bit harder since the photo isn’t that great… But it’s the Red-shouldered Hawk. Most small birds will go silent and still whenever their around.

Last one…

This is the female Summer Tanager. They breed south from New Jersey down and over to Southern California and Northern Mexico. They winter in the tropics.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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