No Birds in November…

No Birds in November…

So, November has come and gone and I managed not to see a single new species of bird… I was hoping to at least see a few migrating birds, but I was just not able to.

Winter birds have been coming back to my lake. I watch as around 300 Double-crested Cormorants fly up and down the lake looking for schools of fish to hunt.

The lake is rather small, but there are a few other lakes around, so I think they just keep flying back and forth between the lakes and find enough fish that way.

This morning I looked out and saw the Hooded Merganser had come back.

There were 4 of them, 1 male and 3 females. I should also start to see the Pied-bill Grebes and a couple of different duck species.

The American Eagles have returned from their nesting sites, I’ve seen a couple of adults and at least one first year swooping down on the lake trying to catch fish.

I’ve put the feeders back up and have seen the usual Carolina Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, House Finch, Carolina Wren, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Cardinal, American Goldfinch, Pine Siskin and Chipping Sparrow…

There are a few other birds feeding mostly underneath the feeders, such as the Mourning Dove, White-throated Sparrow and Dark-eyed Junco.

I know I’m lucky to see so many birds each day, and I am not complaining, just happy to see 2020 (the fastest slow motion year) come to an end…

Stay healthy and stay safe!

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