Latest Visitors…

Latest Visitors…

The weather is finally getting a bit colder, so the birds have been visiting my bird feeders more often.

Luckily, so far the few squirrels that I have in my yard this year are pretty darn stupid! They will eat some seed off of the ground, but have never even tried to get up to any of the feeders yet… let’s hope they never learn just how easy it is to get to them…

Here are a couple of birds that came by the feeder yesterday…

This is the Pine Warbler. Usually you don’t see these birds far away from pine trees, but in the winter unlike most other warblers, they will come to bird feeders for suet.

This next one I often hear, but hardly ever see. They also don’t stray too far from the pine trees…

It’s the Brown-headed Nuthatch. They say that they are almost identical to the Pygmy Nuthatch from the west, but I think that the Brown-headed Nuthatch has more brown on its head. Their calls are very different too, the Brown-headed’s calls are like a squeaky toy being squeezed over and over again…just too cute!

Stay healthy and stay safe.

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