Meet The Kinglets

Meet The Kinglets

Last year I never found the Golden-crowned Kinglet. I didn’t see it at all for the whole year! They will breed in New England and the Northwest up into Canada. They will winter in most of the US.

They are one of the smallest birds in the US. They spend much of their time in the dense conifers making it difficult to spot them. I found the one below in some long-leaf pines.

They move around constantly making it tough to get a good photo, but I tried!

They are very cute and very tiny, only around 3 1/2 – 4” big. Note the strong eyebrow pattern, that is a good way to identify it. The center crown is orange on the males and yellow on the females, so this is a female.

Next, we have the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. They are a bit bigger, coming in at 4”.

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet looks very similar to the Golden-crowned Kinglet, but without the strong eyebrow and it has a bold white eye-ring and a wide wing-bar. The male’s ruby crown patch is only seen when it’s excited, so most of the time if you are lucky enough to see one, you probably won’t see the ruby crown on the top of its head.

This one enjoys the fruit suet at my feeder, so I’ve been seeing it over the past few weeks…

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe.

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