2 More Makes 102…

2 More Makes 102…

Off to the Wildlife Refuge again, this time we decided to take a long walk instead of driving, stopping, birding, driving, stopping, birding…

While we were hiking the 2 mile loop around a large swamp I heard a flock of birds off in the wetlands across from the swamp.

At first I thought it was a flock of Red-winged Blackbirds, but after watching them for a while as they moved through the wet woods, I realized that there was no red on their wings…

I know it’s a tough photo, but that is a non breeding, adult male Rusty Blackbird. They breed throughout Canada up into Alaska.

They got their name for their fall coloring of rusty feathers and not from their calls which sound like a squeaky rusty gate…

The other bird I saw was a Northern Bobwhite. I had heard a rustling in the brush near me as I stood next to a cut down cornfield. I moved around trying to get a better look, only to sneak a peek or a female Bobwhite just before she flew off.

So now I am up to 102 species for the year and counting…

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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