Birding at the Wildlife Refuge

Birding at the Wildlife Refuge

I went to one of my usual spots for birding recently. It is amazing how I can be there for 4 hours and not see a single person!

I ended up finding 4 more bird species that I hadn’t seen yet this year. A few of them I haven’t see but one other time in the past 10 years!

Not the greatest photo, but this is actually the Brown Creeper. Cute little bird, they creep up tree trunks and limbs instead of down… They are camouflaged and look a lot like the trees that they are on, so they can be difficult to find.

This is a Merlin. It’s a rather small falcon. They feed mostly on small birds, probably why I didn’t see any other birds in the area where I found this one…

Here are a couple of Turkey Vultures. They can be found throughout all of the US.

Most birds are thought to have a very poor sense of smell, but the Turkey Vulture is definitely an exception to that. They can find roadkill by the odor. I am quite thankful for them (even though they are not the cutest bird in the world), they certainly do a fantastic job at cleaning up the roads!!!

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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