Lucky Find…

Lucky Find…

During the bird migration, sometimes you’ll find birds that appear in your area that will stay and breed there. Other times birds will be just passing through on their way further north.

Here is a Solitary Sandpiper that I recently spotted…

They breed up in Canada and winter mostly in South America and unlike most all other sandpipers that migrate in flocks, the Solitary will usually be alone.

Also, most other sandpipers will nest on the ground, but not the Solitary, it will use old songbird nests that are high up in trees…

The Solitary was definitely a lucky find…

Can you tell which bird this is? Take a good look at its eye. It’s the White-eyed Vireo! You can just make out its white eye peaking around the branch at me.

They seem to have exploded into the woods, swamps and fields recently! I’ve been hearing them everywhere. They are very loud and aren’t afraid to let you know that they are around!

These birds will stay and breed here, so I’m sure to be hearing them for months to come…

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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