It’s in the Eyes…

It’s in the Eyes…

Birds get their names for sooooo many different reasons. Some of their names are so obvious, while others make you grab your computer and look up just how the name came to be!

Here are a couple of Vireos that I caught peeking at me the other day, can you guess what their names are?

Zoom in and take a good look at its eye. Yup, this is the White-eyed Vireo. This bird is very bold, it will actually come out of the dense cover to check you out if you are birding near it. They are very vocal and common in the Southeast. In Bermuda they are know as the “chick-of-the-village” because that is what it sounds like when it sings.

Now zoom in and take a good look at this one’s eye… It’s the Red-eyed Vireo! They are one of the most numerous birds in the eastern woods during the summer. Not as bold as the White-eyed Vireo, it will usually stay out of sight, but you will hear it singing over and over again.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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