Meet the Tanagers

Meet the Tanagers

Lately I’ve been hearing the Summer Tanager singing and singing all day long. They say the song sounds like that of a lazy robin…

I do know that they can be difficult to spot because they like to hang amongst the leaves in the treetops.

I was lucky with this one, he landed on a wire above my head.

The males are a bright rosy red all over their body, while the females are yellow. Below is a young male, he is a mix of yellow and red, but will eventually be all red.

The Summer Tanager and then Scarlet Tanager both will spend their winters in the tropics.

The male Scarlet Tanager is a deep red bird with black on its wings and tail. The female is a yellow-green.

I don’t see as many of the Scarlet as I do the Summer since there are far less of them in my area. The Scarlet also seems to sing less and stay higher up in the trees than the Summer.

Both of these Tanagers will eat mostly insects, including bees.

Remember to stay healthy and stay safe!

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