Barred Owl Nap Time…

Barred Owl Nap Time…

A few days ago I saw this cutie sitting on a low branch in my backyard. This is the Barred Owl. Often heard at night with it’s loud rich baritone hoo, hoo, hoo-hoo call, other times they can be heard making barking and screaming calls…

This one was just trying to take a nap. No other bird was around, no one was bothering it (except this crazy human taking photos)…

Occasionally it would peek at me, just to make sure I was still social distancing.

They are permanent residents throughout Canada and down through the eastern half of the US.

They will eat mostly small mammals. Usually eating mice, but also eats other small rodents, squirrels and rabbits.

On a couple of occasions the owl has come zooming into the backyard so fast and so close to me that I thought it was going to crash into me! It came around the corner of the house and didn’t see me standing in the backyard, luckily for both of us it is really good at flying!!!

2 thoughts on “Barred Owl Nap Time…

  1. I have always used the mnemonics of “who cooks for you?” as the way to identity the barred owl hoot. Does that make sense for you? And, those are amazing photos.


    1. Yes, that’s the call they make. Check out Tucson audubon’s Paton center for hummingbirds, they have a live camera set up in a barred owl nesting box, fun to watch.


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