Recent Birds…

Recent Birds…

Here are a few photos of some of the birds that I’ve seen lately. Not many new birds for me, but I keep looking anyway…

This is a male Prothonotary Warbler. He is such a beautiful bright golden yellow, you can really spot him when he is flying around the swamps and rivers.

I saw this Green Heron in the swamp foraging for fish. They’ll usually stand still or walk very slowly in the shallow water just waiting for small fish to come by. Occasionally they will drop a feather or twig on the top of the water, as “bait,” to lure fish closer to them.

This is a Killdeer. They are found throughout all of the US, Canada and South America. They can be found nesting in fields, lawns, river banks and even airports.

Usually they eat insects. They’ll run a few steps, pause, run again, looking for something to eat off of the ground.

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