This Snowy Plover is sooooo Adorable!

This Snowy Plover is sooooo Adorable!

You can find them along the Pacific Coast as well as the Gulf Coast. They look a lot like the Piping Plover, but unlike the Piping Plover, the Snowy’s black chest band is always incomplete.

Often overlooked when you’re walking along the beach, these little ones are only around 6 inches!

Unfortunately, because they are so hard to spot, their population has declined. Humans will hang out on the beaches and not even notice that they are keeping the Snowy Plover from its nest. On many beaches now they have started to rope off areas just for the Plovers to build their nests in.

Unfortunately, the Plovers don’t always get the memo… so keep a look out for them whenever you are walking the beaches during nesting season.

The young leave the nest only a few hours after hatching, they are able to feed themselves and will be able to fly around 30 days later.

Don’t forget to check out my book on Amazon called Snowy at the Beach, about the adventures of a cute Snowy Plover.

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