The White-tailed Kite is Something to Watch…

The White-tailed Kite is Something to Watch…

Have you ever seen a White-tailed Kite, or any Kite species? The way that they hunt for food is just amazing to watch!

You will see them flying over open areas, then they’ll pause and hover (just like a toy kite), floating in the air, just searching the ground. Once they spot prey, they’ll dive down and catch it in their talons.

They prefer to eat small rodents that are out and about during the day, such as voles and house mice.

Here is an adult hovering over a low brushy area near the ocean.

Next is a photo of the bird after it caught a mouse.

Next are photos of a juvenile White-tailed Kite. Notice the adult is gray and white, where as the juvenile has brown on its chest and back.

See the color difference between the adult and the juvenile.

The young will be able to fly about 30 days after hatching. Parents may nest a second time and if they do, they often will drive the first batch of youngsters away from the nesting territory.

This may have been the case with this juvenile, there were 2 of them hunting together.

You can see the White-tailed Kite in California, Arizona and southern Texas.

Stay happy 🙂

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