Low Expectations, High Rewards…

Low Expectations, High Rewards…

Went to the wildlife refuge again yesterday… I have the summertime blues when it comes to looking for birds!

The birds aren’t singing, there are so many leaves and it’s hot!!!

I went with very low expectations, I really didn’t think that I would see any new birds for the year, but we were looking for something to do (still haven’t been going inside stores…)

So packed a lunch and off we went…

At the first stop, I heard a Kentucky Warbler, so that was good. I hadn’t gotten one yet this year. We drove a bit further and found a few other birders.

They were all looking up in the sky in the same direction. It’s always good to quickly look in the direction that everyone else is, just in case there is something great that you just have to see!

Ended up they were looking at a Mississippi Kite. Great! I hadn’t seen one of those yet either!

I talked to the group and found out that there really wasn’t much else there to see, but I did find out where there was a Barn Owl nest box that had been used. We found the box and even though the Owls are all gone, it’s a good place to check out next spring to see if they use it again.

Here are photos of the one bird that I saw 3 of in various locations along a stream. The Barred Owl. they must have all fledged the nest, so there seem to be more of them flying around…

Stay Happy 🙂

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