Summertime Birding…

Summertime Birding…

Found a new park yesterday. It has a 2.5 mile walking trail through the woods. Luckily there weren’t many bugs, but it was a bit hot…

I heard a few birds, but never really got a good look at any since the woods were pretty thick.

Before getting on the trail we walked through a few fields and I now know where to look for Killdeers if I need them… there must have been at least 30 of them running around the fields.

They are often found at the water’s edge, but they will also live in fields and pastures no where near the water. I had a friend once who had a pair nesting in her front yard, she had to mow around the nest!

The Killdeer will pretend to have a broken wing and flop around the ground moving away from their nest when intruders are around.

They eat mostly insects, usually running a few steps, pausing, then running again, picking up insects along the way. Sometimes they will even follow a farmer plowing their fields, so to get any insects that get turned up by the plow. Pretty smart!

Stay healthy and happy 🙂

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