What Other Birds did I see???

What Other Birds did I see???

I tried to get a few photos of the birds that I did see at the wildlife refuge the other day, here’s what I saw…

I saw a flock or rafter of around 5 Wild Turkeys crossing the dirt road that I was on, I tried to get some more photos once they got into the woods, but they blended in too well.

They usually get around by running or walking, but are strong fliers and will fly up into the trees at night to roost.

Here’s another rather big bird. The Anhinga. They are around 34” – 36” big. This is a male, they are mostly black other than the white markings on the upper side of wings and tip of tail. The females have buff heads and necks.

They aren’t a very fast swimmer, they will usually hunt for fish by waiting for them to come near, then they will impale it with their long pointed bill. Often times they will eat the fish by tossing it into the air, then swallowing it headfirst.

Here’s the Solitary Sandpiper. This one was on the edge of the same pond that I found the Anhinga and Green Heron at.

The reason they got their name is, unlike most other sandpipers, the Solitary will migrate alone at night. And they are often seen alone, foraging in the shallow water, looking for insects.

They differ from other sandpipers in their nesting habits too, most others nest on the ground, not the Solitary. They lay their eggs high in the trees in the old nests of songbirds.

Stay healthy and happy 🙂

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