I Really Love the Pileated Woodpecker…

I Really Love the Pileated Woodpecker…

Every time I hear the loud call of the Pileated Woodpecker as it flies through the woods, I stop and listen. Being the largest Woodpecker in North America has earned some respect (17 inches)!

It has also earned a ton of respect by making a good comeback throughout the 1900s, after its species had become rare in the North East due to all of the clearing of the forests that was done.

These birds live throughout most of Canada and from Central US to the East. They are mostly permanent residents, but will wander around a bit…

More than half of their diet consists of carpenter ants, they forage by prying and excavating dead wood looking for them. They are known for leaving big rectangular holes in dead trees. You can often see them breaking off big pieces of dead bark from stumps or fallen logs.

Fruits, berries and nuts make up about 1/4 of their diet.

This one is a male, you can tell because the forehead and mustache are red on the male and black on the female.

Stay happy 🙂

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