Who’s Been Eating all my Bird Seeds?

Who’s Been Eating all my Bird Seeds?

In the past couple of months my bird seed has been disappearing faster than it should for the amount of birds that I’ve been seeing around.

I do have a lot of squirrels, but they aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed! They have yet to be able to get up to the bird feeders, so I know it’s not them…

Well the other night I saw this creature at the feeder, his glowing eyes peeking back at me when I turned on the flood lights.

Then today he decided to boldly come for a snack, well the jokes on him, I haven’t filled the feeder in a while, so there was nothing for him!

I do have to take the feeder down (double gloves), and give it a good wash before I put it away for a couple of months. Maybe during that time, this raccoon will find a different place to get its snacks!