My Recent Visit to the Wildlife Refuge

My Recent Visit to the Wildlife Refuge

The migration is happening… so off I go to the Wildlife Refuge near me…

Well, unfortunately I didn’t see any new birds, but it was a nice day to get out and take a walk.

I am really looking for a few Warblers that I haven’t seen yet this year, but there’s still time, so maybe I’ll find a few before the migration is over.

Here is the only photo I took…

It’s the Great Egret. This is a very large bird, around 35 to 41 inches. They were nearly wiped out in the US back in the 1800s, the feathers were used in fashion. Now they are protected and have made a great comeback.

The Great Egret is the symbol of the National Audubon Society. They can be found in lakes, marshes, ponds and mud flats.

They mostly eat fish, but will also eat frogs, snakes and grasshoppers. When foraging they will walk or stand in the shallow water, thrusting their bill to catch a fish when it comes near.

I often see them in the lake that I live on. They spend a lot of their time flying away from the Great Blue Herons, they chase them all the time and seem very territorial when it comes to foraging for fish!

Stay happy 🙂