A Few Orioles…

A Few Orioles…

There are 10 Oriole species listed on the Audubon site as being possibly seen in the US. I have seen 6 of them.

Most of them have bold, beautiful colors making them some of the most brilliantly colored songbirds in the US.

This is the Bullock’s Oriole. They can be found from the center of the US west to the Pacific Coast. They will winter in the tropics.

Here is the Hooded Oriole. They can be found in the Southwest US states and winter in Mexico. Their diet includes insects, berries and nectar. Often visiting hummingbird feeders, sometimes if the feeders are kept out throughout the winter, the Hooded Oriole will not bother to migrate south.

This is the Orchard Oriole. Probably the least colorful of all the Orioles, it is chestnut and black. You can find this Oriole from the East Coast, west to central US. They will winter in the tropics.

Stay happy 🙂